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Dream Cars are just what they say - cars you dream & drool about.

Dream Car.News brings you the latest news from global dream car manufacturers, not just of megacars, hypercars, supercars and fast cars, but any car, you the viewer, might dream about. There'll be regular update videos posted each on a Friday, Saturday & Sunday linked to a free online magazine at www.mydreamcarnews.com or www.dreamcar.news

Tweet about your ideal dream cars to @mydreamcarnews and post pics to our Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, Reddit & Tumblr pages.

Remember on social media and youtube our name is mydreamcarnews

We also have an associated youtube channel - speedistevie - which as the title says is all about speed. Just click the links below.

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The DreamCar.News team are based in England, home to many 'dream car' manufacturers and Daytona Beach, in Florida - known as 'Speed City USA', and have a long experience of reporting on the world's greatest cars. Enjoy . . .

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